Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farewell Atlantic Ocean

I didn't really have a list of things I wanted to do before I left the East Coast, except for going to the beach.

Growing up, we went to the beach at least once a year and in my 20s I was at the beach a lot because family friends had a house on the beach. I love the sand, the noise of the water.  It doesn't take long to sit on the beach and feel so relaxed.  A world away.

Well, at least that is how I felt because most of the time I was on a private beach. And that is how it felt this morning.

My sister's family, my nephew and I head out to Robert Moses State Park.  We got there right before 8 AM so we didn't have to pay the fee.  The morning started off so quiet and peaceful.  The water was cold, but didn't stop us from going in.  The kids played in the sand, my brother in law flew a kite and my sister and I enjoyed the air and sun.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay at the beach long.  I had to pick up my new car and we wanted to avoid traffic getting home.  So we headed out about 12:30, which was fine with me because it started to get really busy.

It was enough time to enjoy the ocean one last time, for now.

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