Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Route

This is the route I selected.  A sine curve (sort of).

not straight at all...but that shouldn't surprise you, I tend to do things different or more complicated than they need to be.  What it boiled down to was I couldn't decide between the northern route and the southern route...there were things I wanted to see in each place.  Why should I have to pick one or the other?  It isn't like I am rushing to a job or anything.

I am a pretty organized person.  Based on this route, I created a binder of each stop and the information about it...hours of operation, fees, address for the GPS, etc.  However, what I did not commit to was hotels/accommodations.  The reason for that primarily being how much was I going to drive in one day?  What if a stop takes way longer/less than I thought?  I don't want to be stuck leaving to make it to a hotel - so I thought it would be best just to wing it.

I am really looking forward to this trip.  I am hoping that it will dull/delay the realization that I am moving.  This gives me something fun and exciting to do everyday until I get there, wherever there is.

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