Tuesday, August 19, 2014

deciding on a car

My car died about a month and a half ago.  I knew I needed to purchase a car before I left so it was time to start thinking about what I wanted.  My last few cars have been really old used cars with problems, but they were cheap which I needed.  Now, my priorities are different, I won't know a mechanic out there and I wanted something that I wouldn't worry about on my drive.

For the last few years I thought I would purchase a Subaru....and that was before I knew how awesome of a car it was.  So that was the only easy decision.  Most of the time, I can be quite indecisive over 'silly' things or when there are too many choices. 

I know I am not a minivan person, and SUV...it would be nice, but I am so used to smaller cars.  The first time I went to the dealer I asked to just sit in a used Forester.  I wasn't too worried about driving the car because it couldn't be any worse than previous cars I've driven.  It was nice, but I worried it was too big.  So I thought the Impreza hatchback would be ideal.  I did a lot of research new versus used and went back to the dealer with my brother-in-law to check it out and for a test drive, and of course it drove fine.  The brother-in-law suggested to drive the Forester for comparison, and I left thinking I would purchase a new Impreza.  More research and calling/emailing other dealers for prices.  I looked at both new and used and options but I wasn't really finding the right combination.

With only ten days left, I headed back to the dealer with my uncle and mother and re-test drove both the Impreza and Forester, with the Forester going first.  This time I took both cars on the highway and I was really trying to observe the noise, sights, dials, etc.  I was more pleased with the Forester's outside noise but was still hesitant about the size.  But then I really looked at the measurements, and the length was less than an inch different. The real difference is that the Impreza sits lower to the ground at 5.9 inches and the Forester is higher at 8.7 inches.  That ground clearance could be beneficial in my future lifestyle, but the Impreza while lower would be easier to access the roof and anything that is stowed up there.    The Forester of course has more cargo space because of the lines of the back door/hatch...but would I really use that space aside from the move?  I am not sure.  Also a plus for the Impreza is the gas mileage but the Forester has a better safety rating.  Tough decision.

For about $3,000 price difference, I went with the Forester. Even a harder decision was picking a color.  I thought I wanted a white car...but I wasn't sure I wanted the Forester in white, seems very common and a little plain.  I also wanted a light interior so that eliminated a few colors automatically, but I didn't want black, dark blue, green, bronze, silver or light blue.  So that didn't leave many choices....red - but not bright red, but more of a dark berry.   It took the dealer about a week to get the car in...which cut it close to my second move date.

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