Sunday, August 17, 2014

exit interview

My organization has an exit interview prior to leaving to get feedback on your experience and areas they can improve.  I filled out the form before my appointment and handed it to him upon my entry into his office. I sat down in the chair and we started to chat, going over my responses and why I ranked something lower and we even discussed all the high ranking responses too.  I stressed that I liked my position, the work and how great my department was.

Then he asked about my new position, if it was something similar or not.  I giggled, it stated right on my paperwork that I gave my notice because I was relocating and that I do not have a job lined up.  So, I reminded him of that, and he asked if I was sure I wanted to do that...give up a job, that is quite the risk.  But this isn't the first time I heard this, many people over the last week have asked that in a variety of ways.

Yes, now that it is sinking in and getting closer, I am starting to wonder if it was the right decision.  But yes, the answer is yes...I need this.

Towards the end of the exit interview, he explained that paperwork will be coming to be about health insurance, life insurance, investment accounts, etc.  There will be a few things to close up.

All total, I was probably in there 15 minutes.

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