Monday, August 25, 2014

did I really just quit my job?

Today started like any other, aside from waking up at 4 am.  I took the train, went to work, did work and then at 2:00 pm there was a little going away party for me.  My boss gave a really great short speech about why everyone is going to miss me highlighting some memories from the last two years and then I started to cry, it was very touching.  I thanked everyone for coming and it was because of them that I liked my job and was able to succeed in my job by working together.  I cut the cake and then people started to come up to me to say goodbye and the tears just didn't stop.  It was very touching.  And I started to think....did I really quit my job?  Is this really no more?  Will I ever see anyone again?  The last three weeks have been so busy wrapping things up at work and at home but it hasn't really set in that I am moving.

After the party I head back to my desk, wrap things up, deliver all my electronics and building pass to my boss.  I hug him goodbye and then give him a card and a bottle of wine.  Then I left 30 minutes earlier than usual.

I walked to Grand Central, making sure I absorbed New York City one last time and took the train home.

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