Friday, August 8, 2014

giving notice

Once the closing was official, I was able to give my notice.  I am required to give a minimum of three weeks notice if I want my unused vacation days.  The delay in closing pushed me back a week or two...but it is what it is, I still don't know where I am going anyway.

The morning flew by, and I knew I needed to tell my boss.  I made an appointment with him for that afternoon, and as non-nervous as I was, I stumbled and rushed through my explanation and then I teared up.  I was shocked how emotional it turned out to be, but I really love my boss, he has been so wonderful to work for and I find that is a rare occurrence.

He was shocked, the color drained from his face.  I told him I was moving out west and for that he was not surprised, he knew how much I've enjoyed all my trips out that way.  He said so many wonderful things about my work, how timely I was in completing assignments, how long it took to find me to fill the position and how hard it would be for him to fill my shoes.  More tears came down, and I was a little embarrassed about it, but at least he was able to see that I really did like my job, and I was not leaving for another position.  I told him I was still unsure of my plan but hoped to drive out there...well after I buy a car...and he was cute, he joked that if he bought me a car, I could stay here.

Before I leave work that day, my boss pulls me to the side and asked how I feel about working remotely. I was speechless, that is not something I considered.  He told me I had until first thing the following morning to let him know.

For 15 minutes I thought about this, it would be a fantastic opportunity - the ability to live in a more remote area, knowing I would be moving with a job and that I am extremely comfortable and capable with the work.  I would be a fool to pass an opportunity up if it really would work, although I was hesitant.  At my initial interview the HR department told me that my position was highly visible and that a body was needed in the office. Working from home would require some changes, but everything eventually becomes routine.  Nonetheless, the following morning I told my boss that yes, absolutely, I would be willing to work remotely.

Unfortunately he told me that the higher-ups would not approve this.  I completely understood...if it worked that would have been amazing, but I certainly didn't expect that offer.

Even more wonderful was that my boss likes my work enough that he would have wanted to continue to work with me remotely than replace me.  A real compliment.

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