Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sugaring up the co-workers

I had to send notification to my fellow co-workers about my departure.  Most staff send the message on their last day, but my boss wanted me to send it out earlier, and I can see why, I work with a good number of them that it was more to give them a bit of heads up.  So a week prior to my departure I send the email out and was flooded with emails of shock or wishing me luck.  The out pour of so many people who said that my shoes will be hard to fill, that I brought a new level of professionalism or that they really enjoyed working with me because of my 'happy' demeanor.  I was touched.

Even if I didn't receive such sweet emails, I had planned to bake some chocolate chip cookies for my co-workers as a thank you for being great people to work with.  I baked about 12 dozen cookies and left them near my area for the day.  The co-workers enjoyed them because when I left, about an hour before everyone else, there were only about a dozen left.

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