Thursday, August 28, 2014

Picking up the new car

It was time to pick up my car.  Cutting it close, with getting it less than a week before I depart.  After our purchase agreement, I emailed the sales agent asking her to have the cross bars installed (sure, I own crossbars from my last car, but this saves me from having to order and spend the time doing it myself) and then the day of the pickup I asked if they would be able to have the remote started installed as well.  This was a much more expensive option - but when I called the place where I had my father's car done, they did not get back to me about a final price since he was unsure if it would be an extra $100 or not.  Again, pressed for time, I just had the dealer do it.

I arrived on time to pick up the car.  I handed over my plates and then met with the finance guy.  He asked about the extended warranty, but didn't push it or sell how important and great it is.  I declined.  We went over a few numbers...and that was it.  In and out of his office in 3 minutes.  Really easy.

Back to the sales lady, we chatted she gave me papers, brought me out to the car and showed me many of the functions and confirmed the extras I purchased were in the car.  She even synced the phone for me and showed me how the blue tooth worked (helpful since this is a first for me).

I drove off the lot 40 minutes after I got there.

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  1. The car looks beautiful, Denise! I've always thought that cars look better in red. Anyway, I'm glad to know that the buying process was easy, and that the saleslady was helpful to all your requests. Have fun with your new car! :)

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler