Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Resolution Roulette

This year for a family holiday party with my favorite family ever, I decided we were going to try a resolution roulette.

Essentially everyone wrote challenges down on paper - nothing too hard, we wanted this to be fun.  People started to bitch about having to do something they didn't want or worry they were going to get something horrible, or not think of a challenge to put in the box (good thing I wrote down 12!)  We folded up the papers, threw them in a box, and  a few hours later when we served dessert we started picking out of the box.  Adults selected one, the kids selected one, then the adults picked a second one.

Here are the items that were listed:

  • Take something negative out of your life.
  •  Do 35 push-ups
  • Watch 5 AFI movies that you have not yet seen.  Let us know what you watched and if you think it deserves to be on the best 100 list. (Denise will send list)
  • Clean someone else’s car 2 times this year
  •  Do the Macarena in public & post video to Facebook
  • Try a new food every month.  Document the new foods and let us know what you tried and if you liked it.
  • To be in shape
  • Do 40 hours of volunteer work
  •  Play in the snow, jump in puddles, walk in the rain, and jump in leaves.  Take pictures or post videos
  • Write 6 letters to congress (every other month).  Must be a different topic each time.  Let us know what topics you took a stand for.
  • Memorize a poem and recite it at your next party
  • Learn a new talent and demonstrate it to everyone at the next holiday party.
  • Perform 13 acts of random kindness.  Write down what you do to share with us.
  • Choreograph a dance and perform it on your birthday in front of family.  Post video on Facebook
  •  Perform 2 pay it forwards.  Let us know what you did
  • Cook one new dish each month.  Let us know what you made, if it was good, etc.
  •  Reorganize clothes closet by color and donate clothes to charity.
  •  Play a prank on someone once a month.  Tell us what you did.
  • Go on 3 dates this year
  •  Do something nice once a day
  • Get a pedicure
  •  Learn to count to 10 in 5 languages.  Count for us at the next holiday party.
  •  Hike a mountain.  Take a picture from the summit.
  •  Have lunch with Nancy
  • Get rid of 1 thing a week for a year
  •  Learn how to do the butterfly stroke
  • Read one book a month.  Share with us the author and title.
  • To eat healthy
  • Grow a garden with minimum of 5 items
  • Sleep in to 9:30 at least once every third month
  • Root for a team you despise for a whole game season:  The New England Patriots
  • Go hiking once a  month
  • Buy an indoor plant and keep it alive all year long
  • Go to the movies at least once a month
  • Create a vision board
  • Have a monthly night (between the two families)
  • Do 12 hours of charitable work
  • Do a good deed for a stranger
  • Try a different food
  • Try 5 new foods this year
  • Do not shave for 3 months
  • Keep my car clean
Once people started picking we had a lot of laughs.  Everyone seemed to really like this idea, and afterwards came up with so many more challenge ideas.  There will be penalties for those that do not meet their challenge by our next winter holiday party and during the year we'll talk about this as people start completing their challenges.

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