Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jumping to conclusions

Do I jump to conclusions?  Yes, of course I do.  Doesn't everyone?

I am a very logical person...I go through what people tell me, I read between the lines since that part is usually left out.  It is like getting the beginning and the end, but no middle...and it is my job to figure out the middle.

I like to think this isn't too hard for me.  Sure, sometimes there are many challenging middles, but after spending so much time thinking about it and over analyzing and coming up with different scenarios, I usually like to pick the worst one and go with it. It makes things more interesting- and who doesn't love interesting?

The real question isn't if my worst-case scenarios are wrong...but WHY I have to jump to conclusions anyway.  Is it really so hard to give the FULL story?

Here are some examples, let's see if you jump to the same conclusions I did

  • 2 wine glasses in a sink
  • not committing to an encounter 5 hours later
  • trying new restaurants
  • wanting to commit, but not having time mid week and sports are on all weekend
My past has given me a lot of reasons to see the worst in people.  I see warning signs others might overlook.  I was stupid and naive once before, I don't want to be stupid and naive again.  This is proving to be one of my biggest faults and it is causing more drama in my non-relationship than I want. 

Jumping to conclusions is exhausting.  There are reasons people don't tell you the full story.  And the other person might get mad and defensive...but I have to wonder, am I really wrong? doubtful.  

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