Monday, January 7, 2013


I am pro suicide.

If someone wants to end their life, I don't see why they shouldn't be able to, I mean, they didn't ask to come into the world.

For the most part, with people I know, while I am mostly shocked with their actions, I feel bad I didn't know they were having so many problems.  I like to fix people, and I feel like I should reach out more...but many times unless there is some sort of cry for help, they could put up a good front and it is shocking.  That is for another post.

My issue with suicide, while it is in the hands of the depressed person - is that it is fine if they are only sacrificing themselves.  However, it is 100% inappropriate to bring others down with you because you are too much of a chicken shit to go alone.  It is YOUR problem, don't make it everyone else's for fame or glory or because you are scared.  It is not ok to kill and hurt so many other people in your suicide journey. It is not ok to take hostages, it is not ok to threaten others, it is not ok to cause such a ruckus that SWAT teams are called in to kill you.  

Please, you don't like it here...don't make us all sad and miserable.  Please, just go silently.  Don't make too much of a mess, don't cause a scene, just go.


  1. But suicide does hurt other people, regardless of whether the person who kills his or herself kills other people, too. Someone who's still alive is ALWAYS hurt by someone else's suicide.

    I should comment more often- I have you on my Google Reader and I think you're a really cool, interesting person. But I do disagree with you on suicide.

  2. Thanks for reading!
    I totally agree that suicide hurts the people still alive. My friend recently took his own life, I cried for days, as did his other family and friends...but at least he did it 'quietly' not like those maniacs who shot up elementary school kids/teachers, in a movie theater, in a park, outside an office building, etc...that was my point.

    it wasn't that people miss the person, or how it changes our lives - that is another post altogether.

    We have a low success rate when it comes to stopping suicides because when they put their mind to it, they are determined.

    My experience with it over the last few years has actually made me start to consider working for a hotline...because I feel like people need help and they don't always talk to their family about their problems. It is a really sad thing, I am not denying that at all.

  3. Denise,

    It's worth it. And it's not. The pain you feel is real and yes, you can make it all stop in an instant. But is it worth it considering the joys you would miss?

    Many of us have felt the way you do now but you are an eternal optimist and have the ability to embrace complete joy. You can be sarcastic and mean but it isn't who you really are. You have an amazing family who would support you no matter what. Nieces and nephews who adore you and I hope for their sake never find this blog. Life sucks right now. But you don't know what lies around the corner. And as long as you work towards your resolutions and are true to yourself things will get better. You know what you want. You always have. Don't give up on that! You can still have 10 kids if you want them.