Monday, January 21, 2013

Burger comparision

I am a little on the slow side to try those "popular" food places.

Let's start with Five Guys Burgers.  One opened around me a few years ago. I just tried it on Friday.  I loved their small simple menu, but I did have to ask what a 'small burger' was compared to the regular burger (one patty not two).  While I was at it, I figured I'd try some fries so I ordered a regular size Cajun fries ($3.29).  When my food was ready I grabbed some napkins and headed to my car.  It smelled delicious.  I was going to wait till I got home, but I couldn't.  I started with a fry...I could not believe the quantity of fries in my bag. I thought, wow, if this was 'regular' I can't imagine how many are in a 'large'. I could have went with an extra small (not sure if they come smaller than regular, wasn't listed on the menu).  The fries had a great taste and a nice kick.  I couldn't wait to taste the burger.  I got mine with cheese, jalapenos  ketchup and fried onions ($5.09) - I have to say I really liked it.  It was cooked perfect for me, the bun was soft, the burger was flavorful.  It was a really good fast food burger.  Yes, fast food...the patty was thin - reminded me of McDonald's, college food, or a burger at a free BBQ.  It seemed fresh, I enjoyed it way more than McDonald's where it is all smooshed together.  I wondered how delicious and filling the 'regular' burger would have been.  I had a lot of left over fries, but in the end, I liked Five Guys for a quick bite.

photo from their website
Within the week, I also ended up at Red Robin.  When I heard that, I thought it was a fast food place, but it turned out to be a sit down place.  When we walked in, it smelled like grease, but in a good smelling way; it made my belly rumble.  We had to order the tower of onion delicious, I had about 3-4.   Deciding what to eat was so hard, burger? salad? chicken?  I wanted to eat healthy, but the place is known for their burgers so I had to decide between the many tasty sounding ones.  Since I am on a jalapeno kick, I ordered the Burnin Love burger - a cayenne seasons burger with pepper-jack cheese, fried jalapenos  lettuce, tomato (I took off the tomato), and chipolte aioli on jalapeno cornmeal roll .  I enjoyed the burger - it had a little kick to it.  I gave my sister a taste and she practically spit it out she thought it was hot...but I didn't. I guess I am used to spice.  She liked it and was determined to eat the rest of the bit I gave to her, even if it took her 12 hours.  So the onion rings were delicious  and the burger was good, but the unlimited fries were tasteless. I even added some of the red robin dry seasoning on them, but it didn't really stick.  My sister ordered the fried chicken sandwich, which was also tasty - it was soft but crispy, a nice combo.  If I were to go back, I would try a different burger - not because this was bad - but because many other burgers sounded really good too.
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My bill at Five Guys was about $9, my burger/fries at Red Robin was about $11.  Being at the same price point, which did I like better?  Hard choice. The fries at Five Guys were way better and the burger small but good.  Red Robin's fries were bland but the burger was filling.  I still ate dinner hours after I had the Five Guys burger (at noon), but I did not eat again after I had the Red Robin burger (at 4pm).  I am not sure I can make a definitive choice.  One is sit down and offers a large variety of burgers, the other is fast food/take out and has a basic build your own burger.

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