Saturday, January 19, 2013

Red wine & cheese experiment

A few weeks ago I posted a question on Facebook - how can I prevent red lips when drinking wine?    I have a few clever suggestions, and when I got home I did I figured, why not test some of these theories out?

Eating a hard cheese before and during drinking the wine was the first one I tested out.  I had the house to myself, I was in a decent mood, it was early, and ManFriend was due over in hours...why not be a little tipsy before he gets here?

I crack a bottle of wine and pour a glass.  I let it air when I cut up some cheese and I grab some grapes and pita chips just for fun.

I nipple on a few pieces of cheese, and three grapes.  I start to am I supposed to eat the cheese?  I figured I would bite into it with my front teeth, maybe the teeth need to be coated with cheese?  But that only works once, the rest of the time my back teeth are chewing.  I drink my wine while belting out songs on my playlist.  In just minutes I realize my glass is empty.  I realize I didn't do a before picture.  woops.

after drink 1
I don't have a professional camera or spotlights so it is really hard to see anything from the photos I've included here.  I studied my teeth and lips.  I noticed the lips and teeth both had a very light purple tint.  Not bad, noticeable definitely to me - not sure if it would be noticeable to others if in a restaurant or bar.  I started doubting if cheese would work to eliminate the purple.

I continued on, for the sake of the experiment.

I poured the second glass.  Since I noticed the light tint, I wondered if I had to have more cheese - mid drinking, so I had a few more small pieces of cheese and two small pita chips.  A few minutes later, the second glass was empty.

after the second glass
I grabbed my phone and sprinted to the bathroom mirror.  Did it work?   I was shocked, but YES, the purple tint was barely visible.

I started to take notes, so I would remember all this, but then decided it would be easier to blog as I go.  With that, a little extra time passed before I really got into the third glass of wine...and talking to ManFriend it seems like he might have the stomach bug so I won't be seeing him again...nice excuse for me to finish the bottle of wine by myself.

Typing, singing, drinking, texting ManFriend AND eating cheese is proving difficult.  I am not keeping up with the cheese...but then again, do I really want to eat so much cheese anyway? I mean, I LOVE cheese, but let's be realistic.  If I was out and about drinking wine, I would nibble on a few pieces of cheese I wouldn't eat a whole block.

If anything this will be like...during a cocktail hour and I am having wine, put a few pieces of cheese on my plate, maybe eat one after every glass kind of thing.

So I take a time out from texting and eating cheese to focus on finishing my third glass.

after drink 3
Yikes, I think I need some food, not just cheese. I am only 40 minutes in, but I realize I haven't eaten in hours.

Glass #3 is empty.  I again study my teeth and lips.  My teeth look similar to after the first glass, but my lips are more tinted purple.  I am starting to think this cheese theory might just help...maybe if I couple it with the lipgloss theory for my lips.

I need a break, so I drank some regular tap water.  But I am starting to doubt how much I want to drink alone.  Having someone else indulge with me would have been better and I would have lasted longer...but it is no fun to be drunk alone :(

Overall, I think after three glasses of wine, my lips aren't as purple as they were on NYE or when I've been wine tasting.   I am OK with the results so far.  I will post an update another time after I've had another glass or two.

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