Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 baby names proves disappointing

Have you seen Parenting's top baby names for this year?

Top 10 Searched Baby Girl Names:
1. Isabella 
2. Millie 
3. Sookie 
4. Ann 
5. Ella 
6. Betty 
7. Ellie 
8. Emma 
9. Eithne 
10. Charlotte

Top 10 Searched Baby Boy Names:
1. Jacob 
2. Max 
3. Liam 
4. Ted 
5. Mo 
6. Aiden 
7. Andy 
8. Bertie 
9. Ned 
10. Gus

Is it just me or does this list suck?  Sookie?  Eithne?  Mo? Ned? Where was this poll taken?

Did you notice what else most of these names have in common?  They are short. They are simple. They are mostly nicknames.  Have we, as a society, really taken such a short cut?  I mean, children don't learn or use script (I know this because I proctor exams...and that certification statement that is all of one sentence can take up to 15 minutes for the kids to write!).  We are becoming simple, we are loosing class.  Are we setting our kids up for failure already? Or are the parents just too lazy?

I don't mind the nicknames for the 'old fashioned' names - I love old some 'old fashioned' names...but the full name should be on the list - what is wrong with a full name?  It is like we are rebelling against society...I refuse to have a name the teacher is going to butcher, so I'll pick a simple three letter name, when I have a large family it is easy to sign holiday cards if all the names are short,  or even when I yell for the kid I won't loose my breath with all the syllables.


  1. I can't really speak for all parents, but I know mine chose "Shelly" instead of "Michelle" because that's what they would call me. What's the point of naming your son Augustus if you're just going to call him "Gus?"

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