Thursday, October 21, 2010

My top five pictures

A few blog friends have done this and I also wanted to take the "challenge", which is to post my favorite 5 pictures and then tell you 5 things about myself.

Tent Rocks, New Mexico 2007

I went to New Mexico for a work trip and took a few extra days off to do my own thing. After a lot of research, I found a few places I wanted to go. Kasha-Katuwe was not a very common place online - in fact, my ENT told me he went there and he highly recommended it. I am so glad I went there. The trip was important for me since it was my first time doing things for me and learning about me, as an adult. At Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument I exerted myself physically and it felt amazing. The hiking to the top was a challenge and I was so proud of myself making it.

Beijing China, March 2005
At our hotel we had this amazing garden. It was breathtakingly beautiful with the architecture, water and bridges. I woke up early one morning before our class event to take a peak. I was a traditional New Yorker minding my own business taking in the beauty and thinking how lucky I was that I was able to experience that, until the relentless Chinese kept asking me to dress up. I kept saying no, but then I thought - why not? When would I ever get to do something like this? I couldn't convert the currency in my head and have no idea how expensive this was...especially because they changed my outfit half way through. But I am so glad I did it, something so different.

Death Valley CA, February 2007
I needed to get away for a little bit after SI and I broke up.  I was a walking zombie so I took a trip out west to explore Death Valley and the Grand Canyon.  I was amazed by the natural beauty of Death Valley. It was so remote, so desolate.  I really thought about things and asked SI to come out there and marry me in Vegas.  Of course he did not.  But the trip helped me.  I am not sure how exactly since I didn't find peace, I didn't marry him, nor did I get over him.  But it afforded me a great place to cry in peace and helped me learn how to travel alone.  Every time I see this picture I am reminded that the world is huge and I have only seen a teeny part of it.  There is so much out there and I know that when I need to think and time to myself, I know that I can find solace in going away and exploring new areas.

Shooting Range, Long Island NY, July 4, 2005
SI and four of his friends took me to the shooting range.  I LOVED it.  What an experience.  I shot so many different kinds of guns, including an AK47, a few other rifles, a hand gun, a revolver, and this HUGE heavy gangster like gun.  It was exhilarating being out there and shooting the target.  I hit my target quite a few times at the farthest distance.  I kept the target and a few shells and put in in my scrapbook (which I gave up custody of when I moved out).  I was proud of myself for doing so well even though I knew I would since I assumed I would go into law enforcement at some point in time.  

Hamptons NY,  Summer 2006
I have three wonderful sisters and four almost sisters.  These extension of my family was the family that lived next store.  Our family is older, but we all get along so well.  One day at the beach, we decided to have a little fun and attempted a pyramid.  It was such a fantastic day. I am so grateful that I have so many ladies that I can talk to about anything. The parents are awesome too.  I can't believe I have known them for nineteen years. It has been amazing watching all of us grow.

5 Things About ME:
1. I gave up drinking for 6 years after I went out on a Friday, kissed three guys at a bar thinking it was the same guy (it wasn’t)...and was still hung over on Monday and called in sick to work. (2001 - 2007)

2. I have a huge fear of bugs, I can not kill them, so I cover them up with cups and wait around for someone to come over to flush them.

3. I have wanted to get laser eye surgery since HS when one of my teachers had it done, and when my vision finally evened out, and after I saved up for it...I found out I wasn't eligible. :( contacts & glasses for life woo-whoo. Hopefully technology will keep advancing so I may still have hope.

4. I have NEVER smoked a cigarette or have done any drugs.

5. I hate sneezes & snot.

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