Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 10 - Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn't know

How can I really answer someone that I wish I didn't know? I think we meet people for reasons. 

Are they a gateway for you to meet someone else? I joined a book club with this girl Michelle that I was friends with.  Through the bookclub I met 3 fabulous women that I love.  I met other fantastic ladies too, but these three women mean so much to me.  Michelle and I are no longer friends...but because of her, I met these people, the people that are supposed to be my friend. 

Are they a reason to learn a lesson?  Enough said about SI in the last few days (and I could have written about him for someone I need to let go, but chose not to) but I don't wish I didn't know him.  It is because of him I learned a lot about myself, learned how to be in a relationship, etc.  I also learned valuable lessons in love because of him.  He was needed in my life.

Are they people you don't like because they make you evaluate yourself?  We all know someone who is so judgemental that they make you question yourself.  They help us face our fears.  Sure, it is not ideal, but they are there for a purpose, to make you a better person.

Is it someone who teased you?  I have been teased and tortured. It was horrible, but again, I learned from it. 

Is it the ex-boyfriends?  No, you needed them to learn.  To show you new emotions. To provide knowledge of the opposite sex.  To teach you about other people, yourself and how to compromise.  To start thinking about other people, and not just yourself.

Is it that lazy or rude co-worker?  Every job I have there are people I don't like there.  There are also employees jobs I don't work at, but frequent (county office, school, retail, HR, etc) that employee stupid or mean people.  You wonder how they get these jobs and you can't.  You wonder how they keep their job with that kind of turn-around or attitude.  It mystifies me.  But again, they make you persistent.  They make you dig around and learn things because it isn't given to you on a silver platter.  They are helping make you a smarter.

So far, I have not found someone in my life that I wished I didn't know.

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