Friday, April 30, 2010


Ah, not only is today Friday, but it is the end of April. I can't believe a third of the year is over already. Time seems to be flying by these days - some weeks I am super busy, other weeks I try to think of new hobbies because I get so antsy...when I should be looking for a new job or at least a part time job. But I was hoping to have 'free time' for if/when I meet a guy, I'd have room to accommodate him into my schedule. So silly of me.

Yesterday afternoon, while suffering through a horrible headache, I decided to look around and find ways to better use my time (instead of working) and I found this great volunteer site so I signed up for one on-going cause and hope to volunteer for others soon as well. I might not have the typical hobby like - sports, cars, animals or exercising - but at least I will be doing something that is important to me and that will make me feel better about giving back to those who need help.

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