Monday, May 3, 2010

Make new friends & keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold

Its been about 13 years since I graduated from high school. Once I went to college, I tried to keep in touch with 3 good friends. That of course didn't last long and we went our own ways. Out of the blue a friend contacted me to get together, of course I am used to saying sure and them not following through but this one did. I have to admit I was a little nervous - it is like hanging out with someone brand new, sure you HAD a connection when you were younger but everything changes and maybe you don't remember very much.

I had another engagement that evening - and told said friend they could met me there and we'd decide what to do. As I was telling my cousins about this - they assumed, like me, that this get together could be a date. My sister on the other hand - did not think so - but then again she is married and naive about singlehood. I had to try my best to make the evening not like a blind date (I say blind date because, what do you really know about someone after 13-14 years?). I downed two beers and just let the night happen.

I actually had such a fabulous night - we stayed there. I laughed so much and my friend chatted with my cousins & sister so well. I do not remember much about high school - but I know why I was friends with this kid, he is truly such a nice/warm person. I was the party pooper and couldn't keep my eyes open and just passed out on the couch around 1:30-2am. I think it it is safe to say we just hung out. As we were leaving at 2:30 - we did say we'd get together again...and I do think we will.

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