Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt - so sexy it hurts

Packing for my trip was hard, I put a lot of thought into clothes that would be light and summery that look decent on me...after all, I was going away with a guy (see this post to find out why), they like that kind of effort. I even ordered a bikini from a store in Europe - which came in just in time.

I was very self conscience about the possibility of wearing a bikini. I haven't worn one since high school, when I didn't realize what a knock-out body I had back then...but now, that is something that shouldn't be done, for courtesy of the other people. My first day there was a half day, so I wore a black tankini...and I realized I was practically the only person covering so much of my body. Next day I decided to attempt the bikini, I did not feel comfortable not covering up...but I saw a lot worse bodies than mine (and a lot better).

The resort had a large population of Canadians and Europeans - and I know the Europeans wear speedos, but I am not used to seeing so many in such a small area. Big guys and fit guys and even little kids...so really, my bikini was OK in the grand scheme of it all.

My keratin hair treatment did not seem to work well in the humidity. I was informed not to go into salt or chlorine water -- but why else would I want to get the treatment done? Mostly for the summer humidity by the ocean. I tried to straighten my hair each night - but it seemed to be pointless as it just curled up and frizzed out of control. No wonder my 'friend' couldn't keep his eyes off of every other lady there.


  1. Really? He douched out and was checking out ladies if front of you?!? WTF

    Honestly there's always going to be people with worse bodies than you, as much as there's going to be better. The only thing you can do is accept yourself and have some confidence. I know its hard (trust me) but you just have to. Life's too short to stress about stupid material things like that. If a guy doesn't like your body now, just imagine what will happen when your pregnant or heaven forbid, struggling with post baby weight. Its just NOT WORTH IT!!

    Oh.. and for hair treatment. My friend says, and I tend to agree with her, is that salt water is the best thing for your hair. You can't fight summer humidity or heat, so when you go into the ocean, just don't wash it out! Embrace your curly big hair. YOu know lots of people KILL for hair like that. A low curly pony tail is super cute. So is a head band or a scarf. Curly dark hard is pretty awesome in my opinion!

  2. it was actually a LOT worse than that...I'll update you even more later.

  3. Seriously, will guys ever get a clue? Doubt it. That really sucks.

    I challenge you to put up a pic of you rockin your new bikini! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip :)

    In regards to your comment on my blog; the first two years I think I was kicked out of the bar for underage drinking, junior year I was too drunk, senior year I can't remember, but it may have been because I "left" my drink in the bathroom for my friends sister who was underage hahaha. And that's the kind of treatment I get for being a good samaritan!