Monday, May 17, 2010

Grand Riviera Princess in Playa del Carmen

I just got back from a weekend away in Mexico. This was my first all-inclusive resort trip and I was very impressed by the vastness of it. We stayed at the Grand Riviera Princess in Playa del Carmen which was about 35 minutes from the airport. We walked in the lobby and right away I was amazed with all the openness and the grandness of everything.

Our room was on the first floor - and had a small porch which went into the pool river which was a nice extra. There were so many pools and lounge chairs to choose from (the resort was not at full capacity - but even if, I am sure there would have been plenty of room) that it was never an issue about where to go. I also have to comment on how attentive and nice the staff was - and excellent job!

The resort has many pools and fountains - everywhere you looked, you saw water. For an extra relaxing feeling, they have these huts that jut out a little over the water but you stay cool under the shade.

The weather was perfect - I am rocking a nice burn & tan, and I even applied sunscreen many times throughout the day but I think that since I didn't let it absorb before entering the water that it probably did not work. My face is also swelling up, not sure if it is sun poisoning or an allergic reaction to something. The ocean was also perfect - my first time in WARM water with a slight rolling waves. Normally I can't stay in the ocean water for long periods of time, but since it was so pleasant, it was not a problem. There were some really nice people there, that I hope to keep in touch with.
The resort wasn't too far from downtown and had such a quaint but fun feeling to it. The main few roads are closed to vehicular traffic which made walking to the stores, restaurants and bars so easy. There was every type of restaurant imaginable - one night we ate at an Asian fusion place...and sat in a tree house - talk about atmosphere! Some of the bars had swing chairs which was fun as well. It was a relaxing stroll looking and taking in everything.

This is definitely a place I would return back to and part of me is a little upset it took me so long to travel that way. I am looking forward to starting to think about where I can go next.

OK, that is enough of a 'review'. I'll try to post something every day this week about the trip, a mini theme.

**Thanks to Nadine for some of these great pictures**

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  1. You've never been in warm ocean waters? Oh, girl, you gotta go to the Florida Gulf Coast in the summer. The water is DIVINE! 87 and perfect.

    So glad you had a wonderful trip. I've only been to Cancun, but my friend has stayed at the resort you stayed at and LOVED it!