Friday, May 21, 2010

Trip Firsts

Yeah, it's Friday, the last day of my trip themed blog. I was starting to worry I wouldn't have anything else to write about today.

This trip marked some firsts for me:
  • First time traveling with a guy that I was very casually dating
  • First time at an all-inclusive resort
  • First time I spent a night in Mexico
  • First time I sat in an airplane row with extra leg room
  • First time as an adult, being in public wearing a bikini
  • First time I got so badly sunburned my face was swollen for 2 days and am disgustingly peeling (credit to all you super light skinned people who endure this all the time)
  • First time unintentionally mooning everyone in the pool
  • First time being fish-hooked
  • First time on a vacation where I did nothing
  • First time I swung on a swing drinking beer
  • First time I wore a strapless bra
  • First time I drank Mexican beer (that's right - I'm a bud light drinker. I do not drink Coronas: however that is all this place had on tap. I did drink that and then in town I tried Modelo, Sol, Leon and Pacifico)
Should I bother with my list of lasts? Nah, I think you got the hint already.
When I turned my phone on after landing, bankboy texted me when we getting together...and I was actually debating it.
Anyway, it was GREAT to get away. I really enjoyed the sun and the time to de-stress. My Feb-April was super stressful and this was well needed. It was not, by far, my ideal trip, but it did the job.

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