Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top 10 Top 10

I thought I'd spend today coming up with a top-10 list...but not knowing what to list, I started to find some really neat Top 10s that I thought I would share instead. So here are my top 10 favorite top 10's I read today:

Places you don't want to visit --> enough said, I want to see them NOW...
Misconceptions of common sayings --> Oh, so that is what that means
Unsual weather phenominema --> actually the pictures are really great
Worst logos --> if these dont make you laugh, I don't know what will
Easy arithmetic tricks --> Who doesn't love a short cut?
Bizzare tourist attractions --> Good, other people more crazy than me
Facinating facts about cheese --> I LOVE cheese, enough said
Bizzare food festivals --> who doesn't like a celebration of food
Wrongly attributed inventors --> always good to know for trivia
Most disturbing novels --> I read a lot, so I might have to try some of these


  1. Funny how I've either read or seen the movie version of nearly all the "most disturbing novels"

  2. I LOVE useless knowledge, so naturally I found these lists most amusing :) Thanks!

    Also, did you get sucked into the 6 month subscription, too? Too bad mine JUST STARTED! HAHA. Have you met anyone at all?!?! So many of them are so weird, or ugly. Yes that's mean and shallow and I know I'm not Halle Berry, but oh well. Online dating is weird.

  3. Marianne - Yes, that was the 6 month match guarantee - which I am on my second round of. I emailed them about 4 times about, I am not just stuck until August. I agree, I have witten a blog or two about the quality of guys in my area on there - and I am not a super hot gal or ugly but somewhere in between and the guys are just skeevy or wierd. I know I can do better -- but where???