Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who gets a rose? The bachlorette

I am not a loyal viewer of the bachelor/bachelorette. I've actually only seen 1 1/2 seasons.; but I have some issues with it. After watching last season with Jake, I could tell how in love both girls were with him, I wondered how is that a good thing? Essentially both ladies lived together, both ladies were dating the same guy, and in the end he picks one. Imagine for a moment that type of competition, that type of jealousy, and that type of lust. Imagine sharing someone you care about with someone else...and being OK with it for a while. Maybe it hits home too much with me but how is a show about finding love AND heartbreak a good thing? Sure it worked for 2 of the 26 people originally involved, but what about the rest? Sure some of them aren't there long enough to develop feelings - but others are.

This isn't going to stop me from watching this season of the bachelorette, as there is little TV to watch in the summer (I have basic TV), and I am rooting that Ali finds a great guy. Some of her choices seem really cute/nice and after only two hours I've picked those that I am rooting for.
  • Here is who I am NOT rooting for: Craig M (seems too arrogant), Jonathan (seems so sketchy and reminds me of Tom Cruise in a bad way), Craig R, Frank (at first I liked him, but he seems a little too...whats the word?)
  • About the first impression roses: Justin has a great smile & sure I agree I don't like his profession but that is no reason to say he was there for the wrong reason. Roberto seems sweet, but I don't think he is right - too suave.
  • Here is who I think has potential: Chris H, Chris L, Jesse, John C(?), Ty, Justin, Kirk...and she eliminated one or two I would have kept a tad bit longer.

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