Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Fridays & NYC

So, as a friend pointed out to me, I work in Manhattan. Not that it was a shock to me...but I get up take the train, go to work and leave to go home...just like many of you. I work in Manhattan and I don't realize it and certainly don't take advantage of it.

Every year we get summer hours. We work an extra 1/2 hour on Thursdays and then 5 hours on Friday and get to leave a little early. It is nice to get home about 2 hours earlier...but in the last 4 years I have not done anything 'special' with that free time. My first summer, it rained EVERY Friday...and I know this because I always wanted to go to the town pool, but when I got off the train it was raining. The following year I was living back with my parents and just sad. I don't remember those 2 years too much...but I know that nothing special happened.

So, that leaves me with this year. My year of change and trying new things. I know I am a little 'behind' schedule on the finding yourself thing - but better late than never. I would love to hear what you non-new york citiers would do in the big apple for a few hours.


  1. ++picnic dinner in central park
    ++find a non-starbucks cafe with outside seating and read your book for a few hours and people watch(this also works for a cute cafe, with a glass of wine)
    ++go to the driving range at the Chelsea Piers
    ++meet someone for drinks at a rooftop bar for happy hour and enjoy the sunshine(you may need the extra time to get there during friday traffic!)
    ++rent a rowboat at The Pond in Central Park
    That's just a start! :)

  2. I'm not from NYC, but I like going to baseball games in the summer. Its good fun, and there's beer.

  3. Anything and everything in Central Park, including people watching. I good spend forever in the Park.

    Explore Chinatown and barter with the people who sell knock-off designer goods

    Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and find a little cafe in Brooklyn

    Um, try a new bar for a happy hour drink every Friday...

    Man, I'm jealous, I want to do all of that every Friday!