Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Airport Blues

As many of you know, international travel is very time consuming. Three hours of waiting in the airport waiting to board a plane is tough. We were very lucky that the line to get through security in Mexico was super fast. It was very nice to keep my shoes on while walking through the metal detector and not have to worry about all the germs from every one's bare feet...I mean, after all it is the summer, I wasn't wearing socks.

Next came the trek through the terminal to find the gate. A little browsing here and there and then popped a squat. A little reading? Some music? Talk to my travel partner? Nope, I decided I needed to text a friend internationally - goodness knows how much that will be - to sort out some stuff. I eventually popped in the earpods and proceeded to people watch. It couldn't be more perfect -- as much as I have traveled for work (about 3 times a year) I NEVER once thought about where to sit to do this. I have always hoped that maybe I'd meet a cute guy on the plane or in the airport, but I still have not. Generally all the guys at my gate aren't even attractive & mostly women end up next to me. It just so happened that my gate was near the men's rest room. I spent the next few hours watching all the men enter and leaving their rest room. There were only about 5 guys that were good looking - but I guess it was better than none. If anything, I learned a lesson - at the airport, make sure to sit near the men's bathroom because at least I'll have a distraction. Now I just need to work on that I'm available for a chat look.

What was interesting was to have the initial security line move faster, we had our bags hand checked at the gate. This took a while, but I had no problem getting through. Both this time and one other time at security I was NOT patted down. Once in a while, a girl wants a pat down from the good looking security guard...after all, we like strong guys and fantasize about a little steamy action that follows the pat down (sure, I watch too much unrealistic TV & movies) but that never-happened pat down would have turned me on more than the rest of the trip. Maybe next time.

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  1. Um I've NEVER been patted down.

    I think they don't need to do this unless you set off the alarm. They just wand you.

    And I've never wanted to meet someone on a plane. I just know if I did they'd either be
    A. married
    B. a dickwad
    C. totally awesome, fall in love with him, and he'll live across the country, which would SUCK. I've done that, and it just doesn't work. ANd breaks your heart.

    Book and iPod. That's all I need!