Thursday, May 6, 2010

A dollar and a dream

Every week my office sends around an email to participate in the lottery. You enter for $5 and then depending on who is playing, all that money is put towards tickets. I played for a few months, and then decided it wasn't worth it. This past Tuesday the office was buzzing - they were winning this time...and I told the boss, I hope you don't because I will be the only one in the office tomorrow. (turns out 3 of us don't play, so I wouldn't have been alone). They won $7.

But it always gets you thinking - what would you do if you won the lottery? I keep saying how broke I am, so this is something I think about a bit - but since I don't play, I know dreams of coming into money is slim. I wouldn't be super greedy and want to win the 300 million...I would be very happy with a measly 15 million dollars (after taxes).

So what would I do?
* Breast Reduction
* Laser Hair Removal
* Sell my small condo & buy a nice townhouse
* Save 8 million so I can live off the interest without having to work
* Put 1 million away for each of my future children
* Help my family (maybe pay off their mortgage or help with their kid's education)
* Buy a car
* Donate some to a good cause
* Pay off my student loans, maybe go back to school for something else

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