Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paint Ball

I was very surprised that so many people did not think I would be able to paintball. Was it because they think I am a wuss? And if so, why is that - I don't think I complain about pain. Even my kidney stone last month, while very uncomfortable - I think I handled it very well.

I think they said the paint balls fly at 180 miles per hour. Absolutely that would cause a little pain. So even if I said it least I tried it.

So, I did it. I did it both for me - to try at least once AND to prove those others wrong.

How did I do? I played 3 of the 6 games. Game # 1, I was among the last off the field - after the game was called. I was NOT hit and I managed to "kill" at least one. Game #2 I got hit in the head - I didn't feel it. Game #3 I lasted the whole game with out getting hit & used up about 100 paint balls - I was getting more into it, laying down on my belly to protect myself.

It was a great experience, and I was very glad I didn't let those negative thoughts prevent me from trying this. Would I do it again? Yeah, I might.

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