Thursday, April 22, 2010

Body Marks

A Friday last spring, I picked up some lunch and stopped at Bryant Park to eat before taking the early train home. I leisurely ate my lunch and sat and watched people and eventually headed towards Grand Central. Right before the glass doors, I notice something - I look down and see this green furry caterpillar on my shirt near my breast. YUCK! I fling it away and wonder how many people saw this bright yellow-green furry big bug on my black shirt -- hard to miss if you ask me...but you know New Yorkers...nothing is our business...for all they know I could have been toting around my pet bug. The bug must have fallen from a tree I was sitting under. I sit on the train and we head home, but I start itching. Bad itching. I have caterpillar hair on my skin. Someone next to me wondering why I am constantly itching my boob, then my hands, and my neck. It didn't stop. It just got worse & worse. Hives. Bad. I was picked up from train and went to buy benadryl which knocked me out. They stayed for about a week, but after the first day at least it was tolerable and slowly were going away. Who can honestly use the "I am allergic to bugs" as a defense? Well, now I can :) Crazy right? source

February 3rd I wake up with this crazy marking on my arm. I kept trying to think what I was in contact with the few days before that would mark me like that. I couldn't think of anything different. I posted this picture on my facebook page where friends commented it looked like a bite mark or a stamp from a club. It wasn't a human bite, and not a stamp from a club - since I am not one to partake in that kind of activity, maybe alien marking? lol. So of course I start thinking about creepy crawlers and look up bug bites - which totally grossed me out. I refused to look through my bed sheets to find out what kind of gross bug could do this to me. So, I slept on my covers waiting for a brave soul to come and help me find the perpetrator. Nothing was ever found. Today is April 22nd and I still have very light markings of this - it is very faded...but it is still there. I still don't know what caused this type of mark.

Last week I ate a few strawberries with out washing them -and a few moments later, I had two bumps on my hand. I blew it off like it was a little hive, no big deal. Sometimes I get one or two hives that will pop up in the same place now & then. I wasn't worried. And those strawberries were good, I didn't stop. I was at a baseball game over the weekend and used that old fashioned trick to get a pen to start its ink flow - lick it. My brother in law tells me I am going to come down with some sort of weird disease, I laugh - never! Well, yesterday those two little bumps turned into about 7, only of which a few itched a little. I doubt they were from the strawberries, and there is no way it was from the ink, since I had two before that even happened...what could this be from? I spent time diagnosing myself online, which turned out to be a huge mistake, since I always pick the worst thing. But yet, I refuse to go to the doctor while it still seems 'manageable'.

All these weird things in the last year, I start to wonder if I am the victim of some weird bug voodoo doll, since everyone knows I hate bugs.

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