Friday, April 16, 2010

"nice guys" and "nice girls" finish eventually

CNN posted an article yesterday (which of course I can not find today to link to) about how 'nice guys finish last' and proceeds to explain there are specialists to teach these 'nice guys' how to toughen up so more girls would like them.

While reading the article I was disagreeing on every point made, maybe it is because I am a 'nice girl'. I know I would prefer a nice guy, however he needs to have attributes like strong enough to protect me, or maybe be persuaded to 'spice things up' on occasion, etc.

'Nice guys' does not equal nerdy/dorky, ugly, boring...nice just means sweet, polite, not mean spirited, not angry, has values and sticks to them and you are not embarrassed to show him off to family/friends.

But since the article was published - let's talk about how 'nice girls' also finish last. We get walked over, we get pushed to the side when something better comes along. We are seen as the 'marrying' type but yet, when time comes, the girl of the moment (slutty dumb girl) is the one that is chosen more often.

But in the end everything will work out for those 'nice guys' or the 'nice girls' we just have a delayed start.

Oprah had similar blog post "why women date bad boys"

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