Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silver Dreads

I'm officially an 'old' person. I have two short white hairs that I refuse to pull out. Well, I might have more, but I only see two. These are not the first. My first white hair was back in 2003. I was working at a bank, and I was early so I stayed in the car (it was in the winter months) and admiring myself in the rear view mirror. Low and behold I found the first one. I freaked out. It was WAY too early to go gray, I mean I was somewhere between 22-23. I pulled it out and saved it for a while, and was lucky that I didn't find another until very recently.

Anyway, last month, they were sprouting like crazy. Sure work was a bitch, I was very stressed and not getting sleep, so I pulled out the whites that came thinking it was just temporary ones. I am still too young to go gray - I mean I am ONLY 30 (and yes, I know some people can go gray at like 20 and I should be lucky) Things calmed down at work but now I have two more. These are different, the others were full length, right now its like these two are brand short new hair. I thought if I stopped pulling, maybe I'd go back to the super dark brown hair I am supposed to have. But it looks like I am aging before my two older sisters (9 and 7 years older than me - and they both claim to not have gotten any white hair yet). My parents also went gray 'late' I really thought I would too.

Maybe it is just because I am an old soul. I am too mature and serious for my own good. I wonder if I start having more fun that the grays will stop. If not, I worry that by the end of this year, I'll have to change my hair color on my license to salt & pepper or white.

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  1. your sisters are lying to you. they have grays. they just are in denial.