Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The rejection hotline?

I have been single long enough that I should have known about this sooner. We have all had them, guys that talk to us in a bar that won't leave you alone even after insulting him or ignoring him, he just doesn't get the hint. He won't leave you alone until he gets your number...which of course he will never call anyway. So you give it to him...maybe you change a number, but feel bad that he MIGHT end up harassing someone else because you didn't want to deal with that psycho again.

The rejection hotline I believe was first instituted in New York City, but so many numbers have popped up all around the country. I'll tell you, the first thing I did when I discovered this today, was to pick three numbers out and add to my phone!



I just now listed to the message, thinking, I need to be sure this is in fact a phone number I can give away freely knowing exactly what would happen on the other end. HYSTERICAL. I can't wait to use this (I'll have to memorize the number so it sounds authentic)...although I'd prefer to meet someone I'd actually give my number to :)

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