Monday, April 5, 2010

My black thumb - is it turning a tad bit green?

I am so proud of myself today. I returned to work after a long weekend to find that my new plant is doing well. Sure start laughing now - I am happy because something grew - I GREW SOMETHING. But it really is shocking to me. I have a black thumb.

My new little plant was a freebee that I received at a convention from January. I planted the seeds in the cup and watered (there were no directions about how much water) it whenever I remember.
When I lived in a house, I attempted to grow flowers and spices...and nothing took off. When I started my new job (May 2006), my mom gave me a bamboo plant because they are supposed to be good luck. Believe it or not, I DO still have this plant and it has grown, but everyone in my office asks what I do to it because its always yellow & dying looking. I just add water. That is what the directions say, keep it in water. I have put in in the sun, then in the shade, I don't know what it prefers. It isn't that hard, but yet, I still struggle.

I picked up seeds from the dessert a while back. I went out and purchased special soil, new pots, and I planted my cactus and Joshua trees. I covered them with saran wrap, as instructed until they sprouted (some did) and then after that it all went back down hill. I still have the three pots full of desert soil with the seeds in them, but nothing else happened...I guess it is time I threw that away.
Hopefully this new realization that I actually grew a plant from scratch will give me hope that I can do it again.

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