Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Online dating horrors

I barely did any work today, maybe two hours worth. I started to fix up my resume, ran work errands, and then eventually checked my online dating site, which I haven't been to in probably three weeks.

The account should have been renewed for free when my 6 months were over, but long story short, they charged me for another six months so I am not wasting that money by never logging in. So, I log in today, and I am truly disgusted by the men out there. I guess there is a reason people elect to find someone online. I believe myself to be 'average' in terms of looks, and a bit 'curvy' in terms of figure, so why am I getting the nastiest guys ever winking/emailing or looking at me? I know the super hot guys (which are not my type) don't look because I am not slender or athletic. No big deal, I don't like super cute guys anyway, too conceited, too much to worry about, and if he takes longer to get ready then me, that is a warning signal. So then there are the average guys. I LOVE average guys...but even they don't seem interested. Then there are the gross guys - the only ones that appear to have some nerve to speak to a lady knowing she will reject him. But good for them for trying!

I looked at profile pictures and read only a handful of profiles since I had so much time to kill while sitting at work, getting paid, refusing to do real work. It flabbergasts me that men would think that taking pictures of themselves topless in a bathroom mirror is a turn on for women. I don't want to see your chiseled or slightly flabby body. NEXT. OK, you love dogs - but please don't post more pictures of your dog(s) then there are of you. NEXT. I love to travel too - but my travel pictures I post have pictures of - guess what? ME in them....yours should too! I don't want to see the great landscapes of the world but still have no clue what you look like. NEXT. Everyone should have more than one picture...different angles tell a lot. You could look super hot in one picture that gets my attention, but those other 6 - oh goodness, where they really the best you had? NEXT.

Needless to say, I know I will not meet my next future boyfriend through an online site. But when there is nothing better to do at work, I will look, just in case. I am not a believer it can't happen, I met my last boyfriend on line back when it wasn't so popular - and that lasted 5 it could happen, and it could be that he was on there because he turned out to be not the one. So, the day is about done, and I am tempted to stroll slowly home looking at the men I pass - wondering how they met their wives, what their wives look like, and wonder where I can find a 'normal, average' guy.

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