Monday, April 12, 2010

It's getting hot out there, so take off all your coats

It reached 90 degrees one day last week in New York City. Unfortunately it was a work day and the morning seemed breezy so I grabbed a light coat and headed for the train. Sitting at work, staring out my window I found excuses why I needed to be outside: I had to run to staples to buy special envelopes to later discover they weren't the right ones, so I left again so I can be outside for 15 minutes. So was it natural instinct when I grabbed my coat and headed out the door? A co-worker tells me "its about 90 degrees you don't need a coat" but I kept it on and went outside for my brief walk. It was hot and yet the coat remained on while sweat started dripping down my back. Why couldn't I leave the jacket in the office?

Then it is time to leave for the day, I put on my coat, but do not zip it up since it is still so warm. On my 15 minute walk to the train, I had 4 guys 'cat call' to me saying I was "hot" or "Wow, look at those" etc. Since I am already so insecure, I generally ignore the men but sometimes I say thank you when they are polite (You are beautiful) even if I don't believe them. It is just a lot easier to keep covering up then have to deal with that kind of attention.

I love that in the winter I am bundled up so people don't talk to me on my walk - which is the only good thing about winter, in my opinion. But the Spring through the Fall could be difficult. In the middle of the summer, instead of having a coat, maybe I'll have a little sweater because why should I suffer in the heat just because I can't handle the harassment? And if I made some poor soul's day just by walking by him, then even better.

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