Friday, January 2, 2015

pre-recorded new year

New Year's Eve has never really been my thing.  I've done the dress up in a gown and go to a hotel party for all you can eat/drink, a bar, the house party, spend it with a guy, and the go to bed before midnight thing.  

This year I planned on doing the same thing I do whenever I am single...go to a matinee, order Chinese food, work on a puzzle and go to bed around 10ish...unless I am on a puzzle role.  But my roommate's cousin was in town and we invited another friend over so we decided to make a lasagna, drink wine and play board games.  I love board games!   A nice intimate gathering...I am good in small groups and really enjoyed myself.

Last year I spent new years on mountain time when I was with Mountain Man...but we had a movie on and missed the ball dropping at midnight.  This year, I was able to witness a horrible, lame ball dropping from mountain time.  

What happens is you have on the local/national station.  Starting about 8 or so, local time, they start airing live from New York City.  We watch the shows, music, commentating and at around 9:30 local time (I wasn't paying too much attention since we were playing games) they cut out for the news.  We  don't see the ball drop in NY.  Around 10:30 local time, we get back the NY events where they are summarizing the evening and play more songs.  And worse, around 11:30 local time, they play back the hour we were missing from that time in NY.  Our ball dropping was from TWO hours ago in New York City, pre-recorded, and we hear "New York, New York" at the stroke of midnight.  Seems very inappropriate. 

I thought that the local/national station would have showed us the NY ball dropping at 10, then some city in Central Time at 11, and then cut out to show us a local event at our midnight.  A chain of new years, if you will.  I know Denver did a firework display...why not broadcast that?  Do other big cities not celebrate New Years with a ball dropping?  And if not...why does everyone bother to stay up if they are just staying up to watch the ball drop?  I don't me crazy, but I think we can do better.

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