Saturday, January 24, 2015

Noticeable differences between CO and NY

Some differences I've noticed from New York and Colorado in the six months I've been here. (where I've lived, not necessarily the whole states)
  • Most of the Chinese places I've been to is sit down in Colorado, whereas in NY, most were take out with a few tables
  • In CO regular gas is 85 octane, in NY regular gas is 87 (due to elevation)
  • In CO not many people beep their horns (THANK YOU!), in NY, especially the city, that is a regular occurrence
  • Many of the roads, the right hand lane is/becomes a turn only lane in CO, in NY not so much...maybe this is why so many people drive in the middle lane in other states annoying the hell out of the locals.
  • The constant overcast sky in the fall/winter in New York compared to a mostly blue sky in Colorado
  • Many people don't recycle (that I've this area of Colorado), it cost more money to do it or there are a few drop off locations...where I lived in NY (not the whole state, all towns are different), but the garbage and recycling was done by the town.  Of course recycling isn't mandatory, but they made it easy for you to do
  • Many driveway curbs are not cut out in Colorado, in New York many driveways are flush with the street.
  • Where I lived in NY our extremely high taxes went to local services, including having roads plowed regularly.  In Colorado, it seems they don't really plow much, often or many roads.
  • In Colorado, people tend to take their appliances with them whereas in NY they came with the house/apartment
  • Seltzer water is harder to find in Colorado then where I lived in New York, and if you find it, there are less flavors.  
  • The rain is dirty in Colorado. I had my car washed, it was sparkling like when I first picked it up.  Then it rained the next day and my car was dirty.  
  • The weather changes more rapidly in Colorado than NY, the sky can be blue and an hour later it can be super cloudy/rainy/snowy/windy and the temps can go down 20 degrees.  
  • In Colorado, especially in the winter, I go through way more windshield washer fluid because the rain is dirty, the snow is dirty, the temps are low so the dirtiness freezes to the windshield
  • Much less humidity/much drier in Colorado
  • Way more sunshine in Colorado - one of my favorite differences!
  • Clinic/medical services were less expensive or free for some services where in Colorado they may use a sliding scale
  • Of course the people seem friendlier in Colorado
  • Many people have dogs in Colorado.  I am not sure if there are more or if it is just more noticeable.
  • The sun is stronger because we are higher in elevation in Colorado, so the temperatures feel different.  At 35 degrees, sometimes I leave the house in a fleece sweater, at 45 degrees, sometimes just a long sleeve shirt or vest.  The snow melts fast. It is amazing.

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