Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dusty Rose Tea Room - A Review

After a failed snowshoeing attempt, my friend and I went to the historic Georgetown.  As it was still early, not much was open yet and the area is very small.  We came upon the Dusty Rose Tea Room where there was a menu posted and thought it would be a nice change...and they were open.

We enter and towards the left is the Rocky Mountain Minatures and towards the right is the tea room.  The tea room was empty as they had just opened so we had the place to ourselves.

Our hostess, the proprietor, showed us to our table and told us to feel free to select another tea cup and saucer, one that spoke to us.  So we walked around the room, looking not only at the tea cups but also the vintage post cards on the tables, the pictures handing from the wall and the atmosphere of the room.

She came back over and gave us menus and told us instead of the Victorian High Tea, they were on the last days of the Christmas Victorian High Tea.  The Afternoon Tea includes eight delicacies served on a two-tiered plate. Those were a little too much for us as it was still early; we each selected the Petite Tea which includes unlimited beverages and four small delicacies.  Of course you can order a la carte or a lunch combo as well; plenty of options.  They had about 6 decaffeinated teas to select from, I selected one and ordered the soup, meat pie, hazelnut chocolate scone and the chocolate peanut butter bar.

While we waited, she told us to select a hat from the wall of hats to wear for our tea.  I went with the most colorful, huge, fun hat I could find.  Many of the hats were being lent to the tea room by a lady in town.

The tea arrived first, each pot in its own cute coozy to keep it warm.

She poured our first cup.

The potato soup arrived. It was delicious and perfect for such a chilly day.

Soon our delicacies arrived.  Woops, the only picture is blurry...but the food was really good.  We asked her if she made everything on site or if she brought in the sweets.  She explained that she tests out the recipes and makes everything onsite.

She asked if we'd like to try different teas. I selected another, this time selecting the Lone Peak Punch.  This tea was a little stronger in flavor compared to the first.  It was good.  I had a sip of my friend's teas as well.  The second tea she selected was the Lewis and Clark Camp Chai.  She added a little sugar and milk, I tried it black.  Then I tried, the sugar and milk really enhance the flavor of the Chai.  While that tea was caffeinated, I still had a cup thinking it was New Years Eve and if it helped keep me awake past midnight, I would be happy.

I hope that if you find yourself either in Georgetown wandering the quint streets or if you are looking for something different to do, that you go to the Dusty Rose Tea Room for a wonderful and relaxing experience.

Dusty Rose Tea Room
614 Rose Street
Georgetown, CO 80444

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