Wednesday, January 28, 2015

a much needed weekend away

Knowing that I will be starting to work again very soon...provided we come up with a salary/benefits package that meets my needs, I knew I wanted to go away for a few days.  Enjoy myself and release some of this stress.  Stress not just from job searching for six months, but also the whole anticipation of will they pick me...and the man thing.  Sure, I've been not working for six months, but it hasn't always been enjoyable worrying about my savings running out, where I'd live, where I'd work.  It has been really trying and hard but something I knew would be worth it.

Denver had a little cold snap with a very cloudy sky...oh how I wanted sun again!  So I started to think of places I can go for a quick few days.  I've really wanted to go towards the Durango area, Utah, or northern Arizona...but I was hesitant to want to drive all that way in the winter.  Never know what the weather in the mountain areas are going to be like.

Then I was chatting with my parents. I forgot they were headed to Florida to see family friends.  And so, I invite myself down there.  I book a last minute flight leaving at 1:20 am and will be in Florida for three and a half days.  Not only am I excited to see my parents and family friends and tell them about this job, but it turns out that my former friend/colleague who was a really sweet, kind and helpful friend, the ED, and the presidents are all down in the same town on a strategy retreat, so I will get to have dinner with them and catch up.  I left on good terms and am excited I get to see them again.

Naples, FL Sunset

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