Monday, January 12, 2015

Date #3, making out like teenagers

Headed downtown this time for dinner at Earls.  Conversation included what we did on New Years and that was about it.  I ordered the chicken curry and it was really good...probably the best thing about the dinner.  I felt like conversation was getting harder, not easier.  I had him clarify his divorce timeline but that was about it in ways of getting to know each other.  On our way out, he puts his arm around me as we walk and then we go to the Hard Rock Cafe to look at the stuff on the wall.

Then onto what we planned Jazz at Jacks for some jazz music, something he enjoys.  We are sitting all the way in the back swaying in our seats and then he asks me to dance and held my hand to lead me to the dance floor.  We danced a slow song and I wondered where do my hands go? He naturally went for my waist with both, but with him being new, I felt like both my hands around his neck seemed too intimate.  Somehow we ended up with the hand in hand pose and just walked in a circle.

Upon returning to our seats, he continues to have his arm around me/rubs my arm.  A sweet thing no doubt but I wasn't returning any of the groping back - I still wasn't sure.  With the music playing, it was hard to have a conversation, especially for me although I have excellent hearing, I struggle with filtering out the background noise and not hear what people speak.  The bands change, and there is about thirty minutes of quietness as the new band sets up.  A time to talk a little...but again, not much substance.  I was struggling to think of a conversation starter.  He is still smoothly touching my arm and said that I was hard to read.  I told him to just ask whatever he was thinking, and he asked if it was OK that he was touching me.  I said yes, it was just an unfamiliar feeling that I haven't had in a while but it was starting to feel nice.  I still didn't touch him.  We are sipping our water and ginger ales as the second band starts.  Many people left after the first show, so there were tables that were open closer to the front, my date went to check it out.  When he came back he said something, but I couldn't hear everything so I tilted my head so my ear would be in the direction of his mouth and he went in for a kiss.  A shockingly good kiss.  He sat down, repeated that he found a table we could move to, but I said to stay where we would only be louder up front.  And he kissed me again.  The kiss was still really good.  you know I am a sucker for kissing.  And then, that was it, we made out like teenagers, in the back of the jazz club completely sober.  His huge smile from kissing me lit up his face.  I really enjoyed the kissing and my body quickly became alert to this 'new' feeling and started to prepare for more.

We left the jazz club and I walked him to his parking garage where we kissed just once more.  He asked what I was doing over the weekend saying he'd love to get together again and that he was completely free.  I didn't want to spoil all that great kissing by telling him I had another date lined up on Monday, and that I hesitate to see him again before that other date because after all that it a subtle hint I am interested?  does it mean nothing?  would more happen next time?  I didn't want to risk that chance yet.  He offered to drive me the few blocks to my car...but I declined and I headed to my car.  

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