Monday, January 19, 2015

going all the way

I was feeling a little weepy.  Now that I am a Colorado resident, I have to make "this" work.  I invested a lot of money to be out here...and it just seemed a little scary/official.  So I felt like I needed a happy movie to watch, and I was being very indecisive and couldn't find something new that looked good.  So I messaged ___for a happy movie suggestion (we had talked a little bit during the day).  He invited me over.  I was like 'another fake invitation?' But whatever, I was like 'what the hell' and agreed to go over.  I super quickly freshened up and was at his place 33 minutes later.

My jaw dropped when I walked in.  BEAUTIFULLY decorated.  I started to wonder if he was gay.  Everything I hoped a future house would be...the interior of his had it.  Like a model house.  You'd never tell from the outside.  So he gave me a tour and still....every room was done to the T.   And he is the one that did all the he is not only handy but has an eye for decorating.  I would totally hire him to decorate and furnish my future house. His words from date 1 or 2 about keeping an immaculate house...I is because it is like a model house, not because he is a germaphobe.  He has 7 TVs which I think is a little extreme...but he is a guy, guys like toys.  And his dog isn't allowed on furniture, which is awesome.

We settle on the couch and talk a little bit about his family, me being hard to read, his house, my temporary accommodations, our day, etc.  In 30 minutes we were kissing.  After 10 we went into the bedroom.  He dimmed the lights and had candles burning before I even got there.  I don't think i need to go into more details?  But of course you want them.  We slowly undress.  He tells me I am beautiful - but I think can he see anything in the dark? I caress his hairless chest. We get on the bed.  I never know what to say, so I am blunt " have any diseases I need to know about?" he reaches for a condom, which is extremely handy in his nightstand and puts it on.  We begin.  5-10 minutes later he stops and was like, you mind if we use a toy?  I think my color drained...oh, that is what is wrong with him....kinky?  I was like "is it clean?" and why is this so handy in his nightstand too?  It distracted me because all I kept thinking about is how much sex he might be having and who and I kinda lost it. I don't even own a toy.  Eventually he gave up on that and asked if I was on anything - so he removed his condom and then it went much better; enjoyable.  We laid in bed for a while talking about nothing.  

Now its almost 10 or so?  So I get dressed and we go back to the living room and watch a love it or list it he had recorded and then I left.  We kissed at the door but didn't make any plans for another get together.  I hope it wasn't a one night stand.  

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