Monday, January 5, 2015

Interview #4 since I've been here

In November I applied for a position that would be perfect for me.  Mid December they called me to schedule an interview.  I was debating going home for the holidays, but the only day for the interview was a day between Christmas and New Years, so I took the risk and stayed here for the interview.

With 10 days notice, I started doing my research on the company.  I had some index cards prepared but made others that were more relevant to this position.  In total I had about 85 cards that I'd flip through for practice.

The day before I realized I couldn't find my shirts that I wear under my suits, so I went out shopping.  Picked up a few and tried a few combinations out for my roommate.  I made sure I went to bed at a normal hour and before I feel asleep I told myself that I am smart, capable, and will do well on this interview.

In the morning I straightened my hair and got dressed.  I looked out the window and wouldn't you know that 3 of my 4 interviews have been on days that is snowy?  I didn't realize it was supposed to snow.  I ate some oatmeal and finished getting ready and left early.  Good thing I did too because it took me 45 minutes to get there with all the slow driving and slushy roads, and it left me only about 8 minutes before interview time.  I was happy I found a restroom on the floor.

As I waited in the waiting area, I saw a man leave and figured he was interview #1.  I went in and the 54 minutes flew by.  We talked and laughed.  I answered questions with some examples.  Basically we just went over the job description and areas where they want to improve.  One interviewer told me how impressed she was with my work history and experience.  Great to have that feedback to keep me up and excited during the interview.  I asked them two questions, and they seemed very impressed.  Next thing I know one of them was like, OK well our time is up, thanks for coming in and I was ushered out of the door.

On my way out, I bumped into the next candidate.

I got home and started to draft my thank you.  I sent it to two people to review and proof read.  But I realized that I didn't have one of their emails. My friend is a research master and found the email within 5 minutes.  I finished my thank yous and sent them out.  The one my friend found was returned, invalid user.   Shit.  Now what?   I spent about 50 minutes searching and searching.  My friend was at the gym so I decided to email person #1 asking for person #2's email....and then friend got home and did 5 more minutes of searching and found another email.  So, even though I emailed #1 for #2's email, I still went ahead and emailed #2 directly.  Hopefully that isn't all reflecting poorly on me.  After all, I took the initiative to find his email, that says something too.

I really liked this job for me. It would be a great fit. 

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