Thursday, January 15, 2015

date with another fella

After date #2 with the fella, I decided I should probably at least go on one other date/meet someone else.  Not necessarily for comparison, but because I haven't dated in years.

I found a guy that lived much closer and has less of an age gap.  We communicated via online site and then I suggested a quick and casual meeting.  He selected a local taco shop; perfect.  We meet at 6pm, he was waiting outside for me.  First thing I noticed is that he looked much older than his photos, which were all taken within the last four months...granted two photos looked like they were professionally done and were touched up.

We go inside, read the menu, and I notice his sweat.  Under his eyes, on his shaved head.  Sure, it got up to like 40 degrees...but it was probably a nervous sweat.  Understandable but kinda gross.  We order together, he paid and I gave him $10, which was more than my tacos.  Then we find a seat and start talking about family, job, why I am single, that he was divorced...twice, that he is looking to settle down and have kids asap.  Our food was ready and I notice they bunched together the similar tacos. I explained that to him, but he didn't get it and ate over one of mine.  The tacos were good.  We continue to talk about hobbies, his nephew, his family, etc.  When I was done with my tacos and water, I had to pee...but I also didn't want to stay there.  Decent guy...but not what I was looking for.  I yawn.  He takes my hands and asks if it is time to go, and I say yes, I am tired, I had a nap today and I woke up groggy (true) so then we start talking about sleep.  He tells me that he also has problems sleeping, had a sleep study and found out he has really bad sleep apnea and is now using one of those machines.  So, two divorces and a big thank you.

He walks me to the end of the block, near where I parked, hugged and said thanks for meeting up.  I should have told him right then that I was not interested in anything else...but that may have been obvious.  I get to my car, the clock reads 7:10.

Best thing about the meeting...the tacos.  But I am glad I did it. I was able to get a glimpse of someone else in the area that is single.  And honestly, this is how I thought all the online dates would go.  Maybe I shouldn't have freaked out about the other guy...but I think that was probably a slightly normal reaction.

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