Tuesday, January 27, 2015

checking the references

Sometimes I am not good about keeping in touch with my references. I like to have a nice variety...but then feel awkward when I reach out to someone I haven't spoken to since my last job change.

In December I followed up with my references to make sure they were still OK being my reference and to verify that the information I had for them was correct.  I heard from everyone that they would be happy to provide a reference.

Once I talked with the job lady and emailed her my 'standard' references.  Then I re-emailed my references giving them the heads up that I was at the reference calling stage after successfully completing the two sets of interviews, and they should expect a call the following day.  One reference it turns out is in Italy until mid-February so I had to scramble at the last minute to find a replacement reference.

They called the next day, and talked to at least half.  In total, I supplied four professional and two personal references.

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