Thursday, January 22, 2015

fed up

The man I met is frustrating me.  Not setting a firm next date.  Not responding to a text.  I am annoyed at myself for thinking he was different, that I was lucky to meet someone so quickly and actually be intrigued.  But, alas, he is the same as most of the men I've met over the years.  Interested, and once he knew I was interested/had lost its appeal.  Perhaps I was no longer a challenge.

I am not sure how to screen for this.  I asked why he joined that website, he claimed because he was looking for a relationship not just sex.  I told me over and over that I was pretty and compared me to Katie Holmes.  He winked and smiled and it looked genuine.

And then there was the sex.  Yes, I normally don't rush into it - but I figured what the hell...I haven't had action in a very long time and I liked him and wanted to know him and my body was craving it after the kiss.  He seemed comfortable with it and finished...we chatted another hour before I left.

Then non-committal plans.

I really don't want to go through the online dating is such a headache.  I just want to be in the relationship.  I am ready.  I got a little taste of it...and I know I am ready. I won't freak out again.

So, I guess that is it.  Time to get back online and sort through more people.  If this man messages me, I'd be willing to see him one more time...but days away, planned in advance.  But I am not keeping my fingers crossed anymore.  If there are two things that pisses me is not having my time valued and being lied to.  I've had enough of that in the past.

But this leads me to wonder....what is wrong with me?  A thought for another day.

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  1. I think you gave it up too easily and he didn't like it. If he liked it he would have been begging for more. Plus he is probably wondering how many other dudes you have given it up too after such a short period of time. Guys hate to be pressured, just let him be and see if he comes back to you.