Thursday, July 18, 2013

where'd it go?

You know that I have a bug phobia.  My first morning in the apartment a centipede greeted me in the bathroom.  i did what I had to do, and I left the bathroom/apartment for the day because I had plans.  I knew full well leaving the bug alive it would either greet me somewhere else or not be seen for days/weeks if at all.

Two days pass without a sighting, then I spot it, dead up against the bedroom wall.  I know I didn't kill it, so I was hoping if my tenant had the exterminator spray, that maybe some of those chemicals were still working...but I am not sure if he ever had the exterminator over.  

I did't pick up the bug.  Instead, I left it there.  I have an issue with not only killing a bug, but also picking it up, knowing that it is in my hand or between my fingers in toilet thank you.  

Every day when I got home from work or when I woke up, I made sure that the bug was still there.  I watched the centipede change colors. It went from a brown-tan to something darker, to brown, to black.  It shriveled up.  It sort of looked like a small hairball.

When I woke up on day 7, the black pile of bug was gone.  I had the ceiling fan on so I wondered if it was blown slightly to the side.  I looked around. I was a little freaked out...walking slowly, looking around, waiting to be scared when it surprised me.  But it wasn't there.  It wasn't anywhere.  Where did it go?

My two theories are 1)  that in the heat, after 7 days it disintegrated.  Unlikely.  and 2) a bigger, stronger bug came and took it away.  Theory two seems more plausible and more scary for me.  Now I creep around the apartment on the lookout...where will this big bug be?  I hope he found his way back outside.

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