Tuesday, July 9, 2013

summer bbq fun

This past weekend I helped to plan a BBQ with my favorite family.  The party was the result of our March Madness brackets - and I was in the loser half which meant I had to plan, buy, prep, cook and serve the food to the winners in addition to providing some sort of entertainment.

I used luckypotluck.com to enter the items that I wanted the other losers to do.  It worked out really well with people signing up for items and taking control of certain parts of the day.

I also hosted a houseparty that got to sample Redd's Apple Ale. The ale tasted a bit like apple juice / apple cider, it was pretty good, but I wouldn't drink a lot of them at once.  Party favors included bottle openers and those foam bottle things that catches the condensation.

The lunch menu was typical BBQ - hamburgers & hot dogs with the typical sides.  The dinner menu included chicken or beef kabobs and ribs.  I wanted to do something a little different (there was a rub, a marinade and homemade BBQ sauce), so the ribs I made for the BBQ I made only once before when I lived in NJ and had a BBQ but I remember everyone loving them...and they did this time around too.  I was happy since this crew could be picky eaters.

First, we honored the winners with winner medals - making them feel even more special.  The losers were all identified by our matching outfits.

For the 'entertainment' portion of the party, my sister and I planned a team relay race that included 6 tasks:  potato sack race, swim a lap, hula hoop 5 times, transferring water from bucket to bucket, building a Lego tower on a plate that you hold while balancing on one foot and finally picking out 23 cherries from a pie.  Since there were about 12 people for each team, these tasks were done twice and the game ended with a puzzle of which the pieces were given upon completion of each task.  The 'winners' won the relay race by just a few seconds.

The rest of the day & night were spent talking to each other and having a great time.  I am glad our friends had a pool because it was unbelievably hot.

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