Wednesday, July 24, 2013

stay with a stranger

When I was in Indianapolis, I met this guy at a work reception.  Actually, he approached my group.  We chatted for only 5 minutes or so but the conversation led to an exchange in business cards at which time I looked at his and found out he lived where I will soon be vacationing.  I told him I'd email him closer to my vacation date.

As my trip plans started to solidify, I emailed him saying I'd be in his town these particular two nights, and if he still wanted to get together I gave my cell phone number and said I'd call that day.  He responded he'd love to get together, and if I'd like to save a few bucks I could stay at his house.


But then I remembered, I've offered out of towners to stay at my house if they are ever in the NYC area...totally innocent, like "I have a couch and am close to the train into NYC".

Why then did I worry that the invitation would imply sex?  Because it is are always thinking about sex.  But that isn't a fair assumption.  And I do always think about rape and murder, I don't trust strangers immediately.

I haven't replied back to this man yet, but I am 90% thinking I'd get a hotel room.  I don't do casual sex and even though a one night stand is on my bucket/sex list...I know his last name so he isn't really a true one night stand (if it were even to get that far).

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