Monday, July 15, 2013

I have WHAT?

I like to be scratched.  There are phases I go through that once someone scratches me, I want more and even more the next day.  Bodies are weird like that, craving things. But then the cravings stop or you don't have it, and then it forgets.

One day I am so itchy, I need scratching.  But the itching isn't in the usual places, it is my toes and under my boobs.  The itching lasts days. It is mostly itchy at night.  I can't sleep.  I start to wonder if it is some new kind of bodily craving.

But, it turns out as I am complaining about it one night to the guy next to me, he was also itchy.  I start to wonder if we have some sort of rash, but what?.  Since it lasted days which turned into weeks, we finally went to the doctor.

I am not sure if he had health insurance at the time or not, but he either goes to the doctor before me or he just knew what it was.  After I looked up what it was....I freaked out.  I have WHAT?

I went to my regular doctor.  He recommended to see a dermatologist.  I  told him that wasn't necessary, that we believed it was scabies, and I just needed a prescription.  The doctor was very hesitant, he said no one gets that anymore.  I asked for the prescription anyway, and he wrote it.

Of all people to get scabies, it is the person who is terrified of bugs.  That is essentially what it is, these little bugs that are crawling around under your skin.  They get restless/wake up when you are trying to go to sleep.

The medicine eventually worked, but every time I itched and even when I didn't, I just kept thinking about how disgusting it was that I had bugs in my body.  I also had to wash the bed sheets, towels and our clothes in hot water every day.

I had to ask the guy, where did you get this from?  He blamed this guy he was renting an apartment to, one of his friends.  But the truth was it was from his mistress.  How they got it, I have no idea. I don't think I want to know.

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  1. Fletch and I got bed bugs once from some hotel we stayed at. It was such a pain putting on the medicine, washing linens, clothes, vaccuming over and over and over. It sucked. But we survived :)