Wednesday, July 10, 2013

addicted to cards

Both of my parents worked, so when I wasn't feeling well I was brought to my grandmother's house.  My grandmother had problems of her own, but she made sure we had soup and crackers.  She is also the person who taught me and my little sister to play cards.  We learned Rummy and eventually Rummy 500 as well as memory, go fish, crazy eights, solitaire and clock solitaire.

I was soon addicted to cards.  Actually, I think all my sisters loved to play cards.  Some of my fondest memories was me and my sisters sitting around the table playing Rummy 500.   And even now, many years later, we try to have a few 'sister nights' where we'll play cards or a board game. If we play cards it is either Rummy 500 still or Phase 10, which is what we've played more often in the last 7 years.

I don't need other people either, a few years ago I became addicted to spider solitaire, but haven't played that in about 2 years.  Maybe I'll start back up again tonight. 


  1. Denise, You crack me up and amaze me. I have a funny story about addictions and how I found your website! I too, didn't watch either of Keifer Sutherland's shows when they were popular. We'd binged on all episodes of 24 we then watched Touched. I could not believe that he did that whispering thing in his 2nd show also, so I did a google search of why does KS WHISPER all the time. That is how I found your blog. So I poked around a bit and liked your writing and your sense of humor.

    A succession of bad crappy things happened to me a few months ago, and while I never considered myself a game-er at all, I was kind of hooked on Free Cell solitaire on my ipad. My favorite is Free Cell because since every card is exposed it is theoretically possible to win every game. I like that concept. There were some dark days where Free Cell was the only thing I really understood about life.

    Unfortunately, Free Cell has a counter to tell you how many games you've played. And one day I took that figure times 5 minutes (I usually win faster, but a tough game I'll try over and over) which was probably an understatement to see how much time I spent playing Free Cell. It was shocking. And then I realized that this particular ipad I'd only had since the beginning of the year, so I don't even want to look at my old ipad. I was astounded at how much of my life I was wasting and I wasn't even sure why. Cuz I'm good at it? Because luck isn't really so much a factor? Because in theory you should always be able to win? Don't know.

    Anyway, I proceeded to binge read your blog from past to present. Now, when you take in someone's stuff in big gulps like that, the things that stand out for me will be things that I'm experiencing myself, right? I started to notice every time you referred to "wasting your life" it kind of kicked me in the tummy and I realized that not only did I feel that same way re my life (evidence in the free cell counter!) but without realizing it I had changed what I was doing (cards), which was (no offense here intended) now I was wasting my life reading about a girl who thought she was wasting her life. Irony. That really just jump started me out of my fog. I haven't played cards since I found your blog. Isn't that kind of funny? Bahahaha. I just thought you might like to know how much you helped me. Play on!

    1. Hi! First thank you for all your reading, I am quite impressed. I am glad I didn't bore you away (yet). I am glad I was a distraction from your Free Cell addiction and I am sure by now you are caught up on my life, so time to find something new to obsess over -- and give me ideas too. Maybe you should try blogging?

      I hope that things are getting better for you - those crappy days/things are depressing and I wish you better! And I am absolutely thrilled I was able to help you :) what a compliment/honor to know that not only is someone reading, but that I was somewhat relateable or helpful.

      And hey, if there are topics you want to read about, let me know...many times I log in to blog and can't think and other times I'll write 5 posts in one night.