Friday, July 12, 2013

my life on pause

Today?  4 years ago?  How do I know the difference?  My life seems to be almost the same.  I am living in the same place, I work in the city and I am still single.  Sure little things have changed.  The apartment is slightly decorated different, I have a different car, and I have a different job in the city but really, it is all the same.  I still read, I still like to check things off my bucket list, I still don't have too many friends.

I look mostly the same too.  My hair is growing out and it is becoming a bit more grey, but you'd easily recognize me.  Maybe I gained a few sunspots/freckles.  I even have a lot of the same clothes and shoes in my closet.

I still have a mortgage and student loans.  The one thing that changed is that my credit card debt is less, or maybe at 4 years ago it wasn't high, I don't remember.

When you don't see someone for a while, and they are like "what's new/going on" I hesitate. I want to make something up that sounds fantastic.  But I don't do the lying thing.  Nothing.  Nothing has really changed since I saw you.  How depressing is that?

I am not sure if my life is on super slow motion, because it is taking so long for things to change, or if it is on pause because the little things are so insignificant.

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